Frost Protection For Plants SM600


3 ha. (30 Acres / 20 minutes)


25 Hp. Pulse Jet Engine (Petrol Operated)

Fuel tank

1,2 Liters (Stainless Steel)


5,7 Liters (Stainless steel)

Fuel Consumption

1 Liters / 40 Minutes

Formulation consumption

5 Liters / 20 Minutes

Empty Weight

8 Kg.

Full Weight

14 Kg.


120cm x 27cm x 34cm ( L x W x H )


Izmir, Turkey


Frost damage is a common problem in agriculture, especially during the colder months of the year. However, with the use of the SM600 thermal fogger machine, farmers can now protect their plants from radiation frost damage, pests, fungi, and bacteria. The SM600 is a versatile device that sprays oil liquid in vapor form, providing an anti-freeze effect that increases the resistance against cold. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using the SM600 for frost protection, pest control, fungicide, bacteria control, and fertilizer applications.

Anti-Freeze Effect about Frost Protection for plants

The SM600 thermal fogger machine sprays an artificial cloud in the form of a vapor state of the oil liquid. This cloud mixes with water molecules that tend to crystallize and freeze, providing an anti-freeze effect that increases the resistance against cold. For example, just like how we use cream made from glycerin oil to prevent our hands from cracking in the cold, the oil liquid used in the SM600 provides a protective layer against frost damage. With this device, farmers can protect their crops from radiational agricultural frost damage up to -7 degrees in cold weather in spring.

Protection from Radiation Frost Damage

The SM600 provides 100% protection from radiation frost damage that occurs in cloudless and windless weather. Since there is no wind during agricultural frost, the sprayed artificial cloud hangs in the air above the land for at least 3 hours, providing protection to the crops. This device maintains the current temperature of the soil and ensures that the radiation energy is reflected back to the earth. The density of the artificial cloud veil sprayed with the SM600 thermal fogging machine is lighter than the atmosphere, preventing the cold air layer with ice crystals from collapsing on the products. Useful for frost protection for plants.

Versatile Usage in Agriculture

Apart from its frost protection benefits, the SM600 can also be used as a pest and fungicide sprayer in hot weather during the summer. It can provide protection against pests and fungi, which are common problems in agriculture, as well as bacteria control and fertilizer applications. With its versatile usage, the SM600 is an essential device for farmers who want to protect their crops and ensure their growth.

Factors to Consider

For outdoor garden or indoor greenhouse applications, SR fogger oil or vegetable glycerin oil can be used with the SM600. There is no need for an anti-freeze fluid. However, it is important to note that since there is no wind during agricultural frost, the user should walk around the open garden with the device and disperse the smoke effectively. The artificial cloud stays in the air for at least 3 hours over the garden until the wind comes, protecting the flowers and seeds from radiation frost damage. When the wind blows, the smoke drifts and flies. Nonetheless, the risk of radiation frost disappears in windy weather, as the cold air layer and the warm air layer mix.

In conclusion, the SM600 thermal fogger machine is a comprehensive solution for farmers who want to protect their crops from frost damage, pests, fungi, and bacteria. Its versatile usage, anti-freeze effect, and radiation frost protection capabilities make it an essential tool for agriculture. With the SM600, farmers can now ensure the growth and survival of their crops, regardless of the weather conditions.

Models for frost protection plants;

0-3 ha field: Frost protection for plants SM600 model
10-20 ha field: Freeze Protection for plants SM700 model.
40-50 ha field: Tree Frost Protection Ultra Fogger model.
For more information FAO.



Frost Protection For Plants Thermal Fogger Machine

Frost Protection For Plants Thermal Fogger Machine

Frost Protection for plants Thermal Fogging Generator




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