Vehicle Mounted Cold Fogging, Thermal Fog

Vehicle Mounted Cold Fogging Some fungi can cause serious diseases in humans, several of which may be fatal if untreated. The new has been specially designed for the application of water and oil-based solutions. ULV foggers are also used with special chemicals to get rid of molds in indoor areas.

Why You Should Prefer Vehicle Mounted Cold Fogging

Vehicle Mounted Cold Fogging In particular in the summer months when the mosquito activity is high or in the winter conditions, the correct and effective control method for the sheltered sewage systems which are suitable for larval development is only possible with the channel fogging applications. A cold fogger is “cold” because it’s the opposite of a thermal fogger. If deposits are built up, increase the amount of fluid used to flush the system after each use.

Vehicle Mounted Cold Fogging Same as with thermal foggers, the fogging solution is stored into a tank and when fogger is operating the fogging liquid gets pumped out of the tank. The power of the airflow will depend on the power of the motor. Thermal Fogging, heats up pesticides or disinfectants mixed with oil producing a very dense and visible fog formed of droplets of around 10 microns in size. Mosquito and insect control. The person operating the fogger initiates this pump by pressing the fogging trigger.

What Vehicle Mounted Cold Fogging Means

Vehicle Mounted Cold Fogging Depress and release it 3-5 more times if the engine is cold (hasn’t been operated recently) or only one extra time if you are restarting a hot engine. Features include a 2L tank, advanced 12V DC motor from LG electronics, two speed control and an adjustable nozzle producing droplet sizes between 5-30 microns. Thermal fog generators create a dense fog both in and outdoors.

ULV fogger can be left to work automatically and there isn’t need for a person to operate the fogger all the time as with thermal foggers.To get rid of molds. ULV cold foggers includes: Battery-powered ULV cold fogger, Electric ULV cold fogger, and Truck-mounted ULV cold fogger. Cold foggers are often set in automatic mode and left to fog an indoor area since there’s no need to have a person operating the fogger (unless they are gasoline-powered). Once the unit is primed, simultaneously press and hold the ignition and air switches until the engine begins to start. The compact and cordless design makes the DC20 ideal for fogging in places without electricity.

Particles this small will stay in the air for a long period of time before falling to the ground. With the special smoke generated, the insecticide propagates in the closed sewage system with the right concentration, ensuring that the wintering vectors are controlled. With its unique Dual-PointTM inlet technology and a specially designed nozzle for enhanced dispersion, this versatile fogger will allow you to tackle any job, from plant protection and animal health disinfection to the control of vector carriers and pests.

Cold foggers usually come either in a handheld fogger or a backpack fogger. Place the fogging machine in an uncongested, well-ventilated work area away from flammable materials. The main fields of application are vector control, disinfection; stored product control, plant protection and potato sprout control.

The fogger heats the chemical, creating a large amount of fog without diluting the active ingredient in the chemical. The formulation tank is where the mixed pesticide product waits for dispersal. An increasing concern due to a growing global population are animal or bird to human transmissions such as H1N1 (swine flu), and H5N1 strain of bird flu.

The fog produced by a thermal fogger is easily visible, which allows to better control the direction of the fog. It’s easy to install and facilitates varying spraying angle which can be adjusted to thoroughly spray at all angles and to the entire area of the target. The most popular type of cold fogger is the ultra-low volume (ULV) fogger. Both types of foggers are used in such applications as insect control, odor and mold control in indoor areas, for disinfection, to apply pesticides to plants, getting rid of pests in warehouses and other similar uses.

They apply ULV spraying that uses less chemicals, shortens spraying time, saves labor, yet give more effective disinfection. Also, allow to adjust particle size, so they can be used in more applications than thermal foggers. It wouldn’t be effective to leave a fogger in a static place for a long time when fogging outdoors, though. Our Thermal fogger are capable of dispensing both, water and oil based chemicals.The Teflon and Viton layers make all seals, gaskets, and diaphragm chemically-inert to any kind of solution poured inside them. Then fill the formulation tank with pesticide and ensure the cap is airtight.

Special technique for water based solutions. Operate the fogger for one minute with the nozzle turned fully anti-clockwise. ULV Fogging, works by compressing pesticides or disinfectants through a specially designed nozzle, producing a fine cold mist or aerosol.