Portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine, Thermal Fog

Portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine With an adjustable droplet size between 5-50 microns and spray distance of up to 8 metres at an angle of up to 80°, this fogger will be able to perform the most demanding of jobs with ease. Conventional sprayers reach insects less effectively than ULV technology. Only mix what you expect to use so that there will not be mixed solution left.

Why Portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine Better Than Other

Portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine But it doesn’t mean much if you can’t deliver it to every square millimeter of both the upper and lower surface of each and every leaf. Our recommended thermal fogger runs loud and some ear protection may be warranted. The machine contains a pump used to send the fogging solution from the container through the heat assembly, which is located on the front of the fogger. Vector carrying insects and pests such as mosquitoes, flies, fleas, mites, and cockroaches are the cause of most common biological disease transmissions in the world today.

Portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine There are foggers that can be used with both types of solutions. This fogger has also been manufactured using high-grade stainless steel, providing the user, with years of durability and performance. Because of small particle size, fog produced by a thermal fogger can reach in very small places such as floor gaps, cracks in walls and similar places indoors, or into thick bushes, long grass, high tree tops and other hard to reach outdoor places.

Portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine

Portable ULV Cold Fogging Machine A new specially designed air intake on the front of the machine now reduces the fogger’s core temperature by 20°, enhancing its performance under long working conditions. This is part of a full range of fogging equipment that we supply to domestic and commercial application Australia wide. Our pesticide fogger is considered one of the best fog machines in the market with higher flow rate. One of the most powerful and durable ULV machines of its size, this cold fogger has been designed to deliver ultra fine droplets of hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

So you’ve got the best pesticide, fungicide or foliar spray around – that’s great. With its unique Dual-PointTM inlet technology and a specially designed nozzle for enhanced dispersion, this versatile fogger will allow you to tackle any job, from plant protection and animal health disinfection to the control of vector carriers and pests. Thermal Fog Generators can be used both with oil and water based solutions.

It wouldn’t be effective to leave a fogger in a static place for a long time when fogging outdoors, though. The underlying principle remains the same: fill the reservoir with pesticide product, turn the fogging machine on, and aim the spray nozzle at the area you wish to disperse the product into. Thermal foggers use heat to disperse a large amount of chemical into a room or structure quickly and efficiently. Below that there is a switch controlling the metering valve which sets the fog quality.

When looking at cold fogger prices, the average price starts around $200. Some fungi can cause serious diseases in humans, several of which may be fatal if untreated. ULV cold fogger, the C150+, is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor fogging applications. In the case of our recommended model, the engine is gas-powered, though on other models it may be electric.

Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize a fogging solution and spray it out in form of a fog. Foggers produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes after application, reaching the most inaccessible parts where conventional cleaning or spraying can’t reach. With a new larger 6 litre tank, 1250 Watt Samsung motor and a fully adjustable droplet size from 5-50 microns, the C150+ will provide years of durability and performance. The overall air pressure of the machine has also been enhanced, allowing a spray distance of up to 8 metres at an angle of up to 80°.

Again, when fogging, full skin, eye, and respiratory protection are recommended. The first thing you should do before working with any hazardous chemicals is put on protective gear. Thermal foggers are often used for mosquito control. ULV foggers also need less diluent, so they can produce more concentrated fogging solutions, which make some type of chemicals cheaper to use.

It can also be used for disinfection in the food industry, of livestock and in greenhouses. You can use thermal foggers with different pesticides and insecticides, based on the type of pest problem you need to solve. Besides these places, there are other areas, where thermal foggers are better suited than ULV foggers and other way. Gasoline-powered cold foggers and thermal foggers should not be run unsupervised due to the fire risk. Compatible with water and oil based solutions.

Pulse Jet Thermal Foggers use hot exhaust from a pulse jet engine (Argus tube principle pulse jet) to create large quantities of fog without burning off the fogging solutions active ingredient. Remove any excess water from the tank.